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Nobody is Talented

This book and this book ruined me for blaming extraordinary performance on talent.

It’s true that if you’re 4′ 5″ you won’t beat Lebron James in one on one. Your physical DNA is a good starting place for certain career paths.

But it’s not everything.

Those who are extraordinary:

  • work extremely hard
  • show up when they don’t feel like it
  • seek out mentors
  • invest hours upon hours of time improving
  • increase their knowledge
  • practice well
  • fail a lot
  • refuse to give up
  • invest financially in getting better
  • contribute more than consume
  • wake up early
  • think differently about failure
  • consume a lot
  • manage their time well
  • don’t watch much TV
  • think differently about success
  • see their work as more than work
  • would do what they do for free
  • admit when they’re wrong and where they’re weak
  • learn things wherever they are and whomever they’re with
  • have a driving passion

Don’t blame your inability to succeed on ‘not having enough talent’.

What do you think? Are people talented or do they just work hard and have unique experiences that make them better?


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